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Outline of the Program

President of Gunma University
Kuniaki Takata
高田 邦昭
Fostering leaders to realize a fully-fledged multicultural society
Gunma University has been cultivating personnel to contribute to the development of multicultural society since fiscal 2002. Building on our track record in this field, in 2009 we partnered with the Gunma Prefectural Government to launch a Multicultural Community Advancement Officer training program to enable local residents working in specialized occupations to contribute to community revitalization using approaches based on the concept of multicultural coexistence.
With its socially and culturally diverse population, Gunma prefecture is ideally placed to develop the social systems and technologies that can harness diversity to power positive community relationships. We intend to mobilize all of our university's expertise in human resource development towards the realization of this goal.
In the academic year 2012, "Multicultural Community Advancement Officers" who will finish three courses of the training program will go out into the world. Applicants should have high aspirations and we expect them to be core personnel to realize a multicultural community.

Project that where part-time students are involved in planning and operating

  • Japanese education project for ¨foreigners as residents in Japan¨ sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Project for Establishing an International Exchange Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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