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Analyst Course

Analyst Course

Each course involves incremental learning consisting of at least 30 hours of basic education, 30 hours of practical education, and 10 hours of independent research-a total of at least 70 hours per academic year.


Classification Course Class Title Class Hours Analyst Course
Required Optional
Orientation Not counted for purposes ofcourse completion statement  
Analyst Conditions and Challenges in Multicultural Communities 10 hours 30 hours  
Social Systems and Multiculturalism 10 hours  
Theories of Multicultural Coexistence 10 hours  
Common Exploring Approaches to Multicultural Coexistence No limit  
practical Education Analyst Methodologies for Analysis of Actual Conditions 30 hours  
Common Practical Training in Multicultural CommunityDevelopment No limit  
Independent Research Analyst Independent Research 10 hours  
  Total of 70 hours or more    

Project that where part-time students are involved in planning and operating

  • Japanese education project for ¨foreigners as residents in Japan¨ sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • Project for Establishing an International Exchange Program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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